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Dreams Jardin Tropical Resort & Spa Gastronomy Tenerife

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Dreams Jardin Tropical Resort & Spa Gastronomy

The best flavours of Tenerife

Refreshing whilst intense flavours that demonstrate the true essence of Tenerife cuisine. Allow yourself to be taken on a gastronomic journey that you can find at the Hotel Jardín Tropical. Dishes that have been delightfully prepared that will immerse you in a sea of flavours to enchant the palate. We provide 5 restaurants and 4 bars to accompany you throughout your most special stay. What would you like to eat today?

For the palates that seek only the best. The restaurants at the Hotel Jardín Tropical have been designed to surprise the taste buds. Whether you desire quick and casual options or the latest cutting edge flavours, we boast 5 venues that are certain to captivate you.

Admire the sunsets accompanied by a refreshing cocktail. Or perhaps you prefer to enjoy an alcoholic drink by the pool. The bar services at the Hotel Jardín Tropical consist of 4 different venues that are perfect for enjoying a great conversation over a beverage from our extensive menu.

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